I grew up in a military family in Southern Illinois with four brothers, all of whom joined the military. I was always into the arts - I played the flute for years in school. I was in the chorus. I loved art class. I had a small part in a high school play.

I didn't think that acting was something I could actually do and I had no idea how to attempt it, so I joined the military like everyone in my family did. I picked a great job - broadcasting - that allowed me to be on radio and television and filled that desire for creativity and the spotlight for a time. Then I transitioned into a behind-the-camera role as a combat videographer and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and really fueled my passion to support women in combat like myself and women in combat roles.

Finally I knew I had to make the leap from the security of a full-time Air Force job to the unknown of acting. I ended up at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City and stumbled into a few other veterans-turned-actors there who founded Society of Artistic Veterans and they very graciously included me in the new non-profit. Networking led me to becoming the Director of Community Outreach for NYC Veterans Alliance and program manager of, a calendar chock-full of events for veterans in the NYC metro area.

I'm a NJ homeowner with a fiancee named Dan, a cat named Milly, and a dog named Sawyer. I've completed my time with the Alliance and I'm focusing on pursuing acting and video editing. I love being able to commute back and forth to the city and look for opportunities in both areas!